chr3:156828000-156838000   rs301803   DDX11L1   ENSG00000223972.5   Crohn Disease
Experimentally vaildated

Functional annotation

Integrated visualization

Benchmark dataset

REVA (Repository for Expression-modulating VAriants) is a database specifically designed for storing experimentally validated variants. It currently consists of over 12 million entries across 40 cell lines (latest update: v1.1.2). In efforts to pinpoint plausible regulatory mechanisms for these variants, we provide 2,424 functional annotations including Transcription Factors binding, epigenetic modifications, DNA accessibility, DNA physicochemical properties, and evolutionary features. Furthermore, we also integrate variant-disease and variant-phenotyoe associations, three-dimensional interacting genes and chromatin state from several resources. The objective of REVA is to help researchers to select and prioritize expression-modulating variants for further study and we will keep the resources updated with new data and annotations emerged in the coming years.

Wang, Y., Shi, F. Y., Liang, Y., & Gao, G. (2021). REVA as a Well-curated Database for Human Expression-modulating Variants. Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics 19, 590–601.