Release 1.1.2 (2023-08-14)

Fix known issues: the mismatch between variant and rs id in accession reva-0021.

Release 1.1.1 (2022-12-03)

Update expression-modulating data: new data from 5 papers. It currently consists of over 12 million entries across 40 cell lines.

Release 1.1 (2021-11-21)

Variant unique identification: further consider variant strand information.
Update expression-modulating data: new data from 12 papers. It currently consists of over 12 million entries across 31 cell lines.
Advanced search: add new cell lines to search option.
Download: update REVA v1.1 which includes all variants information and accessions information.
Update help document. Previous "Change log" in "Help" section is moved to "Update" as a standlone section now.
Re-design index page.

Release 1.0.2 (2021-01-13)

Integrate diseases and phenotype information from ClinVar, GWAS and COSMIC.
Integrate 3D interacting genes and chromatin state information from 3DSNP and ChromHMM model.
Merge expression information of the variant at same position across different cell lines and present in "Cell Line & Expression" section of detail page.
Re-design the visualization of functional annotations.
Expand order function: support ordering search results by chromosome, label, effect, fragment active/repress and cell line.
Update help document.

Release 1.0.1 (2020-10-27)

Integrate curated variant-disease associations from DisGeNET v7.0.
Expand the search function: support gene name, ensembl gene id and disease name with autocomplete function.

Release 1.0 (2020-05-25)

Expression-modulating data: consist of over 11.8 million entries across 18 cell lines. All variants are experimentally validated.
Functional annotation: provide 2,424 functional annotations.
Quick search: search by chromosome position or rs id. Quick search results are presented in GRCh38.
Advanced search: customized search and batch search.
Benchamrk: seven state-of-the-art tools which were developed to assess the functional impact of noncoding variants were involved in our benchmark. All benchmarking results are available for free.
Download: all variants information, benchmarking datasets, functional annotations.